Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)

Most building systems are invisible, but when a system breaks or fails completely, you know that something’s not right. Benson provides design and installation of the full range of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services so you can be confident your building is operating reliably and efficiently.


Mechanical & Plumbing

Improve air quality with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

  • Chiller, Unitary, Air handling, and Ductless systems
  • Equipment retrofit & replacement
  • Commissioning & re-commissioning
  • Proactive and preventive maintenance
  • HVAC controls
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Air duct cleaning


Increase energy efficiency with reliable, cost-effective solutions.

  • Installation and repair
  • Commissioning & re-commissioning
  • Parking lot and exterior lighting maintenance