Not all building security systems are the same. Cheap systems fail and cloud-based systems aren’t robust enough. Benson provides affordable and high-quality security systems you own so you know your employees and guests are safe, day in and day out.


IP Video

24 hours per day peace of mind with high definition IP technology.

  • Mobile device accessible
  • 7k video quality with HD-Pro Series
  • Superior perimeter protection & exceptional object detection
  • Clear image detail—even in complete darkness
  • Built-in video analytics

Alarm Monitoring

Get peace of mind during weather events, natural disasters, or other emergency situations.

  • Independent power source
  • Backup generator
  • Monitoring center in Tempe, AZ

Access Control Systems

Know who’s coming in, where can they go, and when can they enter areas of your business.

  • Cloud-based or traditional
  • Card, pin pad and biometric readers
  • Visitor management
  • Photo badging
  • Gates, barriers, turnstiles, vaults & safes
  • Mobile credentialing
  • Two- and three-factor authentication
  • Event management (PSIM), monitoring logs & high-definition video cameras

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Create a circle of protection around your facility.

  • Monitoring with wide range of sensors
  • False alarm immunity
  • Keypad interfaces
  • Remote access for mobile devices
  • Motion, ground pressure, and perimeter beam sensors
  • Central station facility in Tempe, AZ with backup generators

Remote Video Surveillance

Protect high-value assets and reduce on-site security costs.

  • High-definition security cameras & audio equipment
  • Web-based notification process
  • Surveillance technicians based in Tempe, AZ
  • Police or security dispatch
  • Virtual escorts for employees
  • Surveil multiple locations from one central location