Integrated Solutions

Design. Installation. Service. Maintenance.

Areas of Expertise


Not all building security systems are the same. Cheap systems fail and cloud-based systems aren’t robust enough. Benson provides affordable and high quality security systems you own so you know your employees and guests are safe, day in and day out.

Fire & Life Safety

No one wants their fire and life building systems to fail. In fact, those alarms aren’t annoying—they’re protecting you from injury, damage, or even death. Benson provides reliable and accurate life-saving detection and event notification equipment and services that keep employees and customers safe and operations running smoothly.

Building solutions are critical for smooth facility operations, and include Security, Life Safety, Lighting, Utilities, Telecom, and Energy Management. These systems are rarely independent, and must work together seamlessly so your business avoids equipment interruptions and shutdowns. No business owner or facility manager wants solutions that are difficult to operate or maintain.

We understand. When you work with Benson for design of vital solutions, you are working with a team of experienced technical specialists who are skilled in systems integration. And because we offer installation, service, and maintenance services in-house, you can rest assured that your building solutions meet installation specifications for reliable service and operational efficiency.

When building systems are not installed perfectly, your operations may be at risk for inefficiency and even equipment failures. Security and Fire & Life Safety systems are vital for smooth facility operations, and you deserve solutions that are installed correctly and integrate as designed.

Benson’s team of credentialed installers deliver peace of mind to facility owners and managers. Our professionals have the training and certifications so your systems meet codes and efficiency standards, and are integrated for optimal performance. Our teams adhere to stringent equipment requirements as well as your unique facility needs, and provide recommendations and alternatives that contribute to operational efficiency and reliability.

Building owners and facility managers rely on responsive service providers when vital equipment needs repair. Benson’s skilled technicians understand the urgent nature of service calls, and we provide 24/7/365 service so clients can minimize operational delays and shutdowns. Our dedicated call center has experienced technicians on call who can help troubleshoot and dispatch qualified experts quickly.

Few companies can afford to have vital building systems shut down due to failure or maintenance needs. Benson has developed a comprehensive schedule of maintenance procedures and plans that meet compliance requirements for system longevity and improved system performance and reliability. When facility managers and building owners have a Benson Maintenance Contract in place, you can rest assured that we’ll work with you to develop maintenance schedules that minimize operational efficiency.